Artist's Statement

"She is not really alive unless she is creating."

In our day-to-day life, we unknowingly overlook, ignore and do not appreciate the little things around us. By focusing on, capturing and manipulating the minute textures, forms, distinctive shapes, underlying power and natural energy of objects, Nancy brings a whole new dimension to the viewer. She is determined to create an image that will resonate and linger in the viewer's memory, opening a whole new world to appreciate.

The subject matter of many of Nancy's paintings and drawings are derived from her close-up (macro) photographs capturing the sometimes-overlooked beauty and abstraction of nature, plants, Tafoni rock formations, human anatomy/physiology and organic objects. Her popular Internalscape paintings depict a surrealistic network of internal organic forms, cells, vein/artery-like shapes intertwining, interconnecting, and layered like a protective living network. Nancy's Internalscape images demonstrate a vibrant yet comforting, securing, protective network of living, pliable, interconnecting shapes: Layers of web-like animated organic forms. The viewers are drawn into the intricate stimulating Vital Network of intertwining colors and shapes.

We are all connected.
These same forms and shapes in nature repeat themselves from a molecular and cellular level (plants, humans, animals, organic objects) up to a larger scale (land formations, satellite images of Earth, infinite space and galaxies.)

Vulnerable, connecting, disconnecting, concealing, enclosing, protecting. Intricate textured layers hiding, securing, releasing, holding back. The internal/external battle, continuous visual and non-visual conflict many of us face...these are all words to describe Nancy's artwork.

"My belief as an artist is that life is one continuous challenging journey and I should NEVER get too comfortable, satisfied, adapted or relaxed in my environment. I need to constantly re-evaluate myself and be open to change. Always question my surroundings, challenge my visions, push the limits... never let anything or anyone hold my creativity back."