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These same forms and shapes in nature repeat themselves from a molecular and cellular level (plants, humans, animals, organic objects) up to a larger scale (land formations, satellite images of Earth, infinite space and galaxies)

We are all connected.

“Internal Vision” is from Nancy’s recent “Internalscape” series of paintings and artwork depicting a surrealistic network of organic forms, cells, vein/artery-like shapes intertwining and layered like a protective living network. “Internal Vision” is a vibrant yet comforting, securing, protective network of living, pliable, interconnecting shapes: Layers of vine/web-like animated organic forms. The viewers are drawn into the intricate stimulating vital network of intertwining colors and shapes.

veins, arteries, network, cells, human, anatomy, physiology, biology, creative, artist
Internal Vision I
Acrylic on Canvas
30 x 24 (unframed)